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Cytosar Injection (Cytarabine) for Blood Cancer

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Sudha Gold Full Cream Milk

Sudha brand is the most selling milk of Bihar and Jharkhand states of India, serving more than 20 million people. It has variety of options, and my favorite is Sudha Gold. I am using this milk since last few years.

Sudha Gold is produced by Bihar State Milk Co - Operative Society at various plants scattered throughout the state. The current price of 1 kg pack is Rs. 48. The price has recently been increased making it little bit costlier than that of raw milk. Sudha Gold is pasteurized full cream milk.
My preference for pasteurized milk started when my oldest son developed lactose intolerance, mainly because of E. Coli bacteria found in the raw milk. Sudha Gold being pasteurized is soft on stomach and none of my family members developed any sort of problem. Sudha Gold is full cream milk. The fat content is quite high. 100 ml of milk contains 6 gm of plain fat and 3.8 gm of unsaturated fat. This is obviously large amount. My wife uses a novel method to keep off the content under safe li…

Philips BT9280/15 Waterproof Trimmer: Review

I bought Philips BT9280/15 trimmer for my brother, who is suffering from brain cancer and hence sometimes it becomes tough to shave. Currently, I am also using this product to trim my 'facial hair'.
It is because of the fascinating product that is it. I bought it from Philips showroom in Patna (India) for Rs. 3400. Initially, it looked quite sophisticated to use. However, in a quick time, I learned everything and started using it for my brother. I had previously used a Philips trimmer. But, this product is quite different when it comes to ease of use and perfection in result. The length setting is quite easy to fix with zoom wheel fix in feature.
One of the biggest attractions of this trimmer is laser. However, for me, this laser function was useless. I think it is just a gimmick. Philips says that this laser function will guide users for a better shape. However, it leaves a shining think red line on the skin and for me it was a great distraction. I never used this laser on my…

Deemark Mass Gainer: Review and Side Effects

Balance body is one of the main ingredients of a glowing personality. There are many other features also like communication skills, General Awareness and dressing sense which make your personality attractive. But, it is your body which gives the first impression. You might have come across many people – both male and female – who are endowed with good attributes, but since their bodies are not balanced, or just thin, they are not taken care of.
There are many ways through which you can build your body. It is like regularly hitting the gym along with having lots of balanced diets. However, it is not possible for everyone, because of lack of time as well as lack of sufficient money. What to do in that circumstance. If you are thin, you must be wondering about the way through which you can build your body.
There are many products which promised to help you gain mass in a short span of time. You might have heard about protein supplements. However, the main problems with these products are a…

Body Buildo: Side Effects, Effects and Dose

If you see someone having a charming personality, you might notice his balance body. Height can be said to be an outcome of your gene, but what about your weight. If you are underweight, you will notice that something is really lacking. You need a balanced body to enjoy your life and have a good career.
Body Buildo is a herbal product which you can try to get a balanced and scintillating body.
As you might know, two factors are primarily responsible for making you thin (if you are eating balanced diet). That is your testosterone level and metabolism.
Body Buildo first tries to increase the testosterone level in your body. With this, your body starts to use the nutritious stuffs you are eating.
Second is metabolism. Consider a situation where you are eating lots of dry fruits and taking all necessary vitamins and minerals supplements. And, yet you are not gaining any weight. That is because of the metabolism problem in your body. What you are eating is simply flushing out. Body Buildo im…

Mood On Forever : Side Effects, Price and Dose

Erectile dysfunction is a serious disease. It is not that it can’t be healed, but the patient rarely sees a doctor. And, in the process, they take lots of medicines and supplement which are not verified by any authority.

Mood On Forever is another medicine in the category of sexual wellness products. It is a herbal medicine which is being sold through television advertising.

If you are suffering from any sexual related problems or if you are unable to sustain with the sexual desire of your wife, you may use Mood On Forever.

However, there is a problem. And, that is the price. It is quite high. The manufacturer has kept the price high because of the high cost associated with the TV advertisement.

It contains Safed Musli. There is no denying that Safed Musli can work wonder in the treatment of sex related problems. But, you may be surprised to note that there are many products in the Indian market with well-established player like Dabur which are selling products at quite low price.