Philips BT9280/15 Waterproof Trimmer: Review

I bought Philips BT9280/15 trimmer for my brother, who is suffering from brain cancer and hence sometimes it becomes tough to shave. Currently, I am also using this product to trim my 'facial hair'.

It is because of the fascinating product that is it. I bought it from Philips showroom in Patna (India) for Rs. 3400. Initially, it looked quite sophisticated to use. However, in a quick time, I learned everything and started using it for my brother. I had previously used a Philips trimmer. But, this product is quite different when it comes to ease of use and perfection in result. The length setting is quite easy to fix with zoom wheel fix in feature.

One of the biggest attractions of this trimmer is laser. However, for me, this laser function was useless. I think it is just a gimmick. Philips says that this laser function will guide users for a better shape. However, it leaves a shining think red line on the skin and for me it was a great distraction. I never used this laser on my brother's face. When I started to use trimmer, I decided to turn on laser. But, within one minute, my eyes started to hurt. I am not exaggerating, but it is a fact. Moreover, I felt that the projection of laser guide is also flawed. It doesn't fall exactly on the outline of beard.

The second disappointment is LED display. Contrary to what Philips claims, they need to make this LED display perfect. Coming back to the main functions, this Philips trimmer is quite good when it comes trimming of the beard. I never feel any sort of irritation while using it. I have used it on the face of my brother when he was in the hospital and sleeping.

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The trimming is quite smooth and I never felt even small amount of irritation while using it. There are two attachments which makes it sure that uneven beard get trimmed evenly. It helps specially at chin.

The Li-ion battery is giving good result. There is also a cable which can be used in case the battery is not performing. The design of this trimmer is also good and looks durable. It is made of plastic, but I am yet to face any issue. In the end, this is a very good trimmer when it comes to its prime job. The laser is just useless, though. The added advantage is its another quality, that is the product is waterproof.